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Last Days of The Wendell 300

If you’ve been following our blog this month, you’ve no doubt noticed that our news has had a more local focus than usual. You’ve also probably noticed that our news is primarily focused on one story, and that’s because during a month like this, there’s only one story that really matters to us: savings for […]

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new GMC Yukon Raleigh

Behind the Wheel: The 2015 GMC Yukon SLE

The age of the SUV is over. The age of the crossover is upon us. What we mean is, we’re seeing fewer multi-person vehicles based on the platforms of pickup trucks, while more sedan platforms are being repurposed for vehicles with a little more legroom in the second row, a larger trunk, and slightly higher […]

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The Secret of Getting to Leith Autopark Wendell

Pssst. We want to tell you a secret. It’s something that we wish wasn’t such a secret, so that’s why we’re telling you. You know the saying, the one about “secrets” and “no fun” and “unless you tell everyone.” So here it goes: Leith Autopark in Wendell is just minutes away from Raleigh. We’re talking […]

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Broken Law: Texting While Driving in NC

Mutually Assured Dismissal There was a segment on the local news last week that caught our attention. Generally all you have to do to make our ears perk up is mention cars or driving, but sometimes the topic of conversation doesn’t excite us in the way we think it will. This particular story had to […]

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The Wendell 300

Herodotus tells us that 300 Spartans held the gap of Thermopylae, resisting an army of more than one million Persians for three days. If you bowl twelve consecutive strikes, your score will be 300 – a perfect game. 300 is the sum of a pair of twin primes (149 + 151). It is also the […]

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