Buick Seeks Further Expansion: Adam or Riviera?

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In our last dedicated post, we talked about the rumor that the Opel Cascada is coming to North America as a Buick, which isn’t so much a rumor as it is an unconfirmed certainty that GM is holding back for reasons. Probably so they can leak it themselves before unveiling it at a big auto show like Detroit. There’s more news than that in this brand of rumors, though. (We might stick to calling Buick the Brand of Rumors – it has a nice ring to it and an air of mystique.)

It seems like Buick only has room to grow. Counting the Envision crossover that debuted in China last month, the tri-shield is up to six models, and with the Cascada, that will be seven. Is there room for an eighth?

Auto Trends Magazine thinks so, with two options to fill that slot.

new buick raleigh

Photo: Auto Trends Magazine

The first option arrives via another Opel import: the Opel Adam, a three-door city car. At first glance, this doesn’t seem like a great fit for Buick at all. ATM’s main thrust is that it would be an even worse fit for Chevrolet, given they already have the smallest car segment covered with the Spark, Sonic, and Cruze. That leaves room for it to be badged as a Buick and sold as a Fiat 500/Mini Cooper fighter, but we just don’t see it as a strong possibility. Given the image that GM is currently crafting for Buick, there just isn’t a strong enough case for a petit two-seater at this time. We don’t really see why the Adam needs to come stateside at all.

new buick raleigh

Photo: Car and Driver

The second option is much more to our liking, and it involves the new platform underpinning the recently named Cadillac CT6. In 2013 at the Shanghai Auto Show, Buick showed a luxury coupe concept car named after the Riviera of old. Our dream is that Buick will bring this model to production sometime in the next few years. Take a minute to look through Car and Driver’s gallery of pictures, then come back here.

new buick raleigh

Photo: Car and Driver

That is a two-door vehicle we could get behind. It fits nicely between Buick’s existing line of crossovers and sedans, and will go well alongside the Cascada Convertible. This is our choice for the next new Buick, but what’s yours? Would you prefer the Opel Adam or the Buick Riviera concept as the eighth Buick? Let us know in the comments or the next time you visit Leith Buick GMC, your best stop for a new or used Buick vehicle in the Raleigh area.

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